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Bundaberg – Fruit Picking & Backpacker Jobs

Bundaberg is just such a popular place for Working Holiday Makers looking for a job. Read here why we don't suggest it.

In Bundaberg, also known as Bundy, many backpackers come to work here as fruit pickers. The hostels are usually responsible for job placement, which means: If you want a picking job there, you have to sleep there in return.

Even though the hostels are fully booked and they can not accept new fruit pickers, they do not reveal where jobs are available.

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Local job centers, like Chandler McLeod, are not going to help you.

Since many farm jobs are available here, many backpackers stay on the farm. Those who do not want to stay in a hostel should try to ask directly at farms if they are looking for fruit pickers. It’s actually probably the best thing you can do.

To us the whole town seemed to be governed by the anti-backpacking mafia. There are loads of bad stories of farm jobs in this area as well. If you have experienced some, please share it with us.

UPDATE: Watch this video above before going to Bundaberg! Bundaberg seems to be quite the place for such scams.

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