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How to Find and Book Cheap Flights to Australia

With these tips and tricks you will find cheap flights to Australia

Book cheap flights to Australia
Book cheap flights to Australia

Cheap flights to Australia are very rare. This is why you should invest some time in the search for flights. If you book your trip via a travel agency, which offers Working Holiday programs, you will spend much more money on your journey than necessary.

How much does a flight to Australia cost?

Depending on the travel date, return trips to Australia usually costs more than 1,000 pounds. Flights, which cost less than 1,000 pounds, are already a bargain. Unfortunately there is no the cheapest website for flights to Down Under. Take the time to find the best flight and plan enough time in advance – about 4 months or more!

Use price comparison websites to find the cheapest offers. We also post the best deals on our Facebook Page.

The best price comparison portals for cheap flights to Australia

There are many flight portals, but not all of them keep what they promise. Here you will find the best portals for the best flight deals to Australia.

If you are flexible, you can search on travel search engines for flights within a specific time frame and consider airports nearby. Particularly interesting are features to find the most favorable time to book a flight.

In addition, you can customize your trip, such as with a stopover in Asia or by combining several airlines to get the best offer.

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The most popular flight search engines at a glance

The search results of flight portals may vary. That is why you should always search several flight websites to find the cheapest flight. These are the best travel portals for flights to Australia:

1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one of the leading website in Europe and around the world, now also for hotels and rental cars. You should always check out this site to find cheap flights. We often find on Skyscanner flight combinations, which other search engines don’t find.

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Kayak is slowly but surely our favorite flight portal. The search results are now as good as those of Skyscanner. In addition, as with Momondo, you can see a prize trend, with a recommendation, whether to book, or the wait and get updates via the price alarm.

3. Momondo

Momondo Is not quite as known, but convinces with great features. You can immediately see the expected price development in an overview, include airports nearby in the results and create a price alarm.

Other Flight Portals

Other popular websites for flight searches are Opodo and Expedia. For long-haul flights to Australia, we especially made good experiences with Opodo. Both portals, however, are listed in the results from the above-mentioned flight portals, so you do not have to search them individually.

Check the Websites of Cheapest Airlines

Generally, the prices on flight search engines are always cheaper than booking directly on the website of the airlines. However, there are exceptions. We therefore recommend that you always search the results of the cheapest airlines also on their own websites.

You might be lucky and find a cheaper offer there. If you book with the airline directly, it will make things easier, if you have to change the dates of your ticket. Instead of dealing with a travel agent, you can talk to the airline directly, which is cheaper as well.

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STA Travel – for students and under 26 year olds

STA Travel is the world’s leading travel agency for students and young people under 26 years of age. For these target groups they have often particularly cheap flights, where you can also save several hundred of pounds. Depending on the travel time these offers are however quickly sold out. Therefore you should take care about your flight around 6 months before departure.

The staff is very friendly and you can contact them at also by e-mail to get a quote. Especially in English-speaking countries, they have offices in every major city.

STAtravel also specializes in working holidays in Australia and offers different packages for backpackers. But you can organise your trip easily yourself, without these additional services.

At STAtravel, you can also receive the International Student Card or Youth Travel Card to receive a number of discounts during your trip.

Cheap domestic Flights in Australia

The above mentioned flight portals are also perfectly suitable to find economic domestic flights in Australia. In addition to Skyscanner, we recommend searching the Cheapflights for cheap flights within Australia.

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Do you have any doubts or do you have any experience to share regarding flying to Australia? Write us in the comments below.

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