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Free Camping Sydney – Barracluff Park [WITH MAP]

Free camping spots for Sydney - check them out. We share the best travel tips and camping spots around Australia for backpackers.

Barracluff Park is located right by a golf course. Here it is possible to park your car by the park and camp overnight for free. It is only 1.5km to Bondi Beach – so not more than a short walk. Great, right?

Sydney: Best Free Camping Spots to Sleep in Your Car

The park is not really a camping or rest area. It is only a park with a green lawn and a campground, so don’t expect any camping facilities. It is perfect to just spend the night, nothing more.

Please be aware that people live in this area, so do always consider that.

If you are just visiting Bondi Beach, than this is also a place, where you could park your car.

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