Backpacking Guide Coral Bay

    Traveling Western Australia and planning to free camp in Coral Bay? Great! We share our tips and free camping spots.


    The bay of Coral Bay is beautiful. A few meters from the beach, the sea is quite deep already , so you can dive deeper or snorkel just like in Cape Range National Park. However, the underwater world is less colorful. The seaside resort of Coral Bay can not be missed. Just in front of it is a parking lot.


    Coral Bay is very expensive though. Backpackers should avoid shopping here. Essential supermarket products like bread or milk are 3-4 times more expensive.


    Just opposite the beach or parking lot there is also a campsite where you can get in without control to use the bathing facilities. Showers etc. are really excellent. 🙂


    Right before the beach, there are also public toilets (well signposted), but of course not in such a top condition as in the private camping. But showers and water are available.


    The beach of Coral Bay invites you for a walk. However, apart from the beach, the village does not have much to offer. But brochures about the area can help. Known is the village for the Manta Rays, which are relatively numerous there, but also for the whale wharks between March and June.


    UPDATE: Read below for a free camping spot in Coral Bay! (The place is indicated on the map)!4v1563626137945!6m8!1m7!1sI7cpX30P2LB8kKh_DvqV0A!2m2!1d-23.14282247508536!2d113.7688258421745!3f19.623890364270224!4f-1.0721153538226957!5f1.1333219860823847


    Coral Bay-23.113398113.876704

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