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Backpacker Jobs in Port Hedland

Port Hedland, a small town near Broome in Western Australia, is famous for it's mines. That's why many backpackers try to find well-paid jobs there. Read more here.

Port Hedland is basically just a town for workers. The city lives practically from the mining company BHP Billiton. There is nothing else really going on here. On travel guides, you might read about the Cemetery Beach. This beach is called like this for a good reason: The beach is black! You can probably still go sunbathing here, but people come to this beach to go kite surfing.

However, there are free barbecues and also nearby public toilets with showers. Even public facilities like these are sponsored by BHP Billiton.

Working in Port Hedland

If you are looking for work, you are in the right place: You don’t need to work for the big mining companies, but small local companies, like restaurants etc. are looking for workers and often employ backpackers. Just go around and ask – that’s the best way to find a job here. Knock on doors, as if they are looking for employees and if not, maybe they can suggest somewhere else.

The hourly wage in Port Hedland is above average – but that’s just because there is not much else to do here. If the timetable permits, you can also take on a second job here to make some real money.

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