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    Exmouth is best known for the Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Reef and the nearby Coral Bay. The city itself is not the reason you want to visit – but the nature is. Whoever comes from the north, for example Karijini National Park, should do the grocery shopping there, as it is much cheaper.


    The supermarket IGA in Exmouth is quite expensive. The beaches east of Exmouth are not impressive, e.g. Town Beach (at the city entrance on the right side of the street). Here, however, there are public toilets with showers.


    You should get a city map at the visitor center upon arrival in the town. The Exmouth Visitor Center is on the main road, always straight ahead towards the city center. It is on the right side of the street – you can’t miss it. In the city map, all public toilets are marked as well – very handy.


    In the north of Exmouth is the lighthouse on a hill. Here, as in so many places in Australia, the sunset is great and you have awesome views over the area. During the whale season you can spot dozens of humpback whales passing by for free. The whale season in Exmouth takes place between July and October.


    During the Australian autumn you can swim in Exmouth with the largest species of fish – the whale shark. Whale shark season in Exmouth is between March and June. In the summer months you can watch the sea turtles laying eggs.


    Near the lighthouse you can see a shipwreck. This looks very cool at low tide. From the lighthouse you can also see a satellite station of NASA.


    In the city map of the cisitor center these things are all mentioned as well.


    The fuel prices here are relatively ok. Gasoline on the West Coast, like many other things, is more expensive than on the East Coast. The cheapest way to refuel at the gas station/caravan park, right by the lighthouse.!4v1563624032566!6m8!1m7!1s_lh8GTalvxLXm4SPkVse6w!2m2!1d-21.80783648198209!2d114.1111824392218!3f89.69203255693223!4f10.775766625803314!5f1.1924812503605782


    Exmouth Lighthouse-21.807922114.111089

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