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Australian Open – A Visitor Guide

If you are traveling in Australia, you should be in Melbourne at the end of January to visit one of the biggest tennis tournaments - the Australian Open. This is what you need to know.

The Australia Open, one of the biggest tennis events, takes place every year from the middle to the end of January. The cheapest way to watch the AO are ground passes, which are relatively cheap, they cost about $30-40 dollar. Ground passes give access to all matches during the preliminary rounds at a specific day.

However, the two big stadiums, Hisense and Rod Laver Arena, are excluded from those. But otherwise you can easily move from arena to arena and from match to match without being forced to watch a full match.

Quarterfinals tickets cost about $150. However, you know only the day before, which players play for during the day and who plays the night session. If you do not want to risk having a match sold out before you get tickets, you’ll have to buy the cat in a poke and hope to get your match. Night sessions are usually sold out faster as Australians like to watch a match after work.

If you decide to buy an expensive ticket (not the ground pass), you can watch all matches played in the Rod Laver during the day or during the evening – women’s matches included. From the quarter-finals on, all matches will be played in the Rod Laver Arena.

Where to buy tickets?

In our experience, the easiest way to get tickets to the Australian Open are tourist information stands in the city. At Federation Square for example you can buy them. Other than that you can try at the venue itself. However, if you need to buy them in advance, there is no real need to make all the way there. You can try online for sure, but we had better luck by just asking at the stands. We were lucky, some people returned their tickets for the quarter final and we got them quite cheaply.

Can you get in for free?

The brave among us can also try jumping over the barrier at Court 15. There is basically an easy way to jump over the walls, but this makes sense only during the preliminary rounds, because this doesn’t get you in the Rod Laver Areana.

You can try to sneak in, when everyone is pushing inside the Rod Laver Arena, otherwise you are better off looking for a cheap ticket.

Watch the tournament at the Federation Square

If you are not into tennis enough to spend that amount of money, you can watch the matches for free at the Federation Square in the center of Melbourne. All games are broadcast on a big screen and you can watch the matches with other people in peace. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited, a 250 dollar penalty will be applied – that’s Australia!

Even parties related to the Australian Open are not organized at all. However, or perhaps because of that, the Australian Open is considered the best-organized Grand Slam in the world.

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