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8 Things To Do in Broome

Coming to Broome in Western Australia? We have been there for a long time and share everythign you need to know about this small town.

Broome is an absolute tourist town. 15,000 people live here, while in the high season (May-August) it can reach up to 60,000 people. Broome has some attractions that you should not miss out on. We tell you what!

Dinsoaurs Footprints Broome

At low tide, you can find traces of Dinosaurs in Broome. That’s right, dinosaur tracks! The footprints are small and relatively difficult to find – but unimaginable. The cliff coast, where they are located, is also absolutely worth seeing. At high tide, the tracks are covered by the water and are therefore not visible.

Surfing on Cable Beach

At Broomoe Cable Beach you have the opportunity to unpack your surfboard. For absolute beginners, the waves can be a little too big – as in many places throughout Western Australia. But the beach is very broad and gives you plenty of space to give it a go.

The Street View image shows a picture of Cable Beach.

Broome Cable Beach
Broome Cable Beach
cable beach in broome
cable beach in broome


In mid-September, Broome hosts a festival in honor of the 50 nations that live in Broome. Worth seeing when you’re in the area.

Stairway to the Moon

The “stairway to the moon” can be observed at full moon and at low tide, when the moon rises above the horizon – there needs to be low tide though. This happens regularly, but only on certain days. Look at the tourist office for the exact dates. By the reflection of the moonlight at low tide, you get the impression that it is stairs to the moon.

Broome Speedway Club

If you are interested in tuned vehicles, hot rods and the like, you should find out if an event is scheduled for the Broome Speedway Club. That could be a good and fun change in Broome.

Nightlife in Broome

For pubs etc. you can also inquire at the tourist office. The Oasis hosts a wet T-shirt contest every Thursday. In Chinatown of Broome, there is an old classic Irish pub. The town offers a surprising number of ways to make the nightlife exciting.

Camel Riding

Previously camels had been brought from Arabia to Australia, which were used in the outback as a means of transport and transportation. When there was no benefit for them, many were abandoned.

The animals have multiplied rapidly in their perfect conditions. Today they are not only a plague for Australia, but also a tourist attraction: In Broome you can book camel tours!

Camels in Australia
Camels in Australia

Visitor Center Broome

The tourist office of the city of Broome is right next to the Coles supermarket. People here are very helpful. Also typical “backpacker information” are shared: Where to sleep for free, cheap campsites and you get a detailed map, where public toilets, beaches, etc. are marked as well.


Work in Broome

Job vacancies are also signposted to the tourist office for those planning to work in Broome. Fruit picking is rare here. The easiest way to get jobs here is during the tourist season from May to September. The sooner you are there, the better of course for job search.

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